If you look closer you discover the sketches of these thoughts; is it old, new, used or reused, old fashioned that becomes modern again or modern becoming old fashioned? 
As time goes by everything changes into something new, 
or then in old again. 
Encounters between people, modern or old fashioned, thoughts become things, things become thoughts. 
Old and new encounters gives food for thought. 
 Signs that gave direction in life, encounters and contrast between humanity and landscape, old and new, the already seen and the still unseen, past – present – future, 
use and reuse, everything meets and flows into each 
other…being and becoming, becoming and being, 
round and round.Time flies, time fades, time replaces and time adjourns, the elaboration of the already seen and the unseen.
 Although has the unseen not yet been seen? 
With an eye that expects the unexpected everything turns into expected again and therefore the oblivious as well as the antiquity can be highlighted and turn the ordinary into extraordinary with any given time and detail. 

'Old becomes new again, more and more........‘